Friday, July 18, 2008

Easy Conference Calling

Its true that distance is a factor which cannot be terminated practical life. But thanks to Telephone, mobiles, internet and other telecommunication services . Nowadays conference calls are more effective as it also helps to save time and money apart from wide distance coverage. But they may seem to be expensive. Log on to Conferencegenie which is the most popular Conference Call service providers in these days. provides such services free of costs. In addition to this it also provides some extra facilities for their customers like 24X7 support, privacy and others. So you can definitely become a customer of their Audio Conference services.

You do not need to register a call conference room number.You only need to tell the participants of the call. When you dial into the call, They will automatically create the conference room for you.
Damn Easy


Friday, June 6, 2008

COMMAND Prompt with ADMINISTRATOR Privilages in Windows Vista

In Windows Vista, every program executes with limited rights and results in a lot of restriction for some basic programs. So, if you type cmd.exe in the start menu search box it will load with some restrictions.

Due to the restricted operation, some of the commands are unable to run or got access denied error.

Here are the ways to launch the command prompt with administrative privileges :

Way 1 :
Open Start Menu.

Go to accessories Locate the command prompt under accessories.

Right Click on its shortcut then select "Run as Administrator".

Way 2 :
Click on Vista Start.

Select Run & Type in “Cmd” (without quotes) in the Run Menu Search Box.

You will see a msg “This task will be created with administrative privileges”.

Click on OK.

Way 3 :
Open start menu by clicking the start button.

Now type “cmd” in the start menu search box or in run.

Press Shift+Ctrl+Enter to lauch command prompt with administrative privileges.

Way 4 :
Open start menu by clicking the start button.

Now type “cmd” in the start menu search box or in run.

Simply enter : runas /user:administrator cmd